About Being Organised

Just 2 weeks ago before the Husband was to leave on a week-long visit to China for business, I managed to buy a cartload of itsy bitsy things for the trip, things he hadn’t even even knew existed, let alone knew he had a need for.

These were the items: in order of Awesomeness.

1. Little Toobs; rubberized, PBA-free, micro-wave-able, foodgrade little tubes in sizes of S (50ml?) and M (88ml). You put your travel-size dollobs of gel, shampoo, anything into these tubes and they’re spill-free and easy to dispense (rubber, just squeeze). The most interesting part is that each comes with a suction pad on its back so if you’re traveling and going small places in small bathrooms, you can stick these on the walls. Awesome.

2. Rectangular storage bags to organize your shirts from pants from socks to just about anything.. comes in 3 sizes. These are lightweight, washable and are a great way to keep things from spilling out of luggage – great for those trips with many in between stops where you get on trains, buses, planes etc alot and things get messed up in the luggage alot.

In classic style, the Husband rejects all items. He was happy to throw all his shirts, pants, ties together into the luggage, perhaps he had the decency to separate his shoes; and he was not about to bring any toiletries, safe for his shaver. “The hotel provides – branded too”, he prophesises.

I balked. Even it were the Four Seasons that offers a range of L’occitane toiletries – I HAVE TO USE MY OWN.

So I conclude that it’s not so much I am a shopaholic as it is how Inflexible and Highly In Need of Organization I am, that makes me Buy all these “solutions” .

The more inflexible one is, the more one will most certainly develop serious separation anxieties. I establish a single utility purpose to things. For example: I have a lingerie bag when I travel. As I do a bag for toiletries and make up and shoes. I have a type of shoe for every look and a type of sock for every kind of shoe (that requires a sock) and I have a belt for every kind of outfit (that requires a belt).

Like so, I can rest in the knowledge that all the systems are in place and the only person who needs to get organised, is me.

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