The Games Boys Play

Boys will be Boys

So I got a chance to see, just before heading out the door to work this morning, Lucien playing a little all-by-myself football.

He’s quite good at it, seeing he is able to kick with both feet (already better than I) and when the ball gets in tight spaces, he remains bent on using his feet to move the ball, not his hands-as I would have!

I remember just weeks ago, Lucien would throw his first and only ball to Ken and Ken would kick it back to him. I thought it was rude and inconsiderate of Ken not to play on the boy’s terms. Ken said, “No, one day, he will kick it back”.

True enough.

The surprises that greet us everyday are a testament that none of any of our little acts go unnoticed.

What a great sobering way to be reminded of the roles we play in a little person’s eyes.

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