Suddenly Sad

The old adage of never taking anything nor anyone for granted rings truer than ever, cutting with a truth that greets me each time I turn to his room and all that remains is a hollow darkness where his joviality used to be.

I take so much of his presence for granted.

It’s a cold chilly feeling.

It’s got a lot less to do with the friendship that’s been here, because relationships survive regimes and places. And I believe ours is one of these. This has a lot more to do with the fact that he embodied so much of of what’s been fun and human about the work. No great team is great forever; the greatest team is that team that never gives up. His style of managing and leading a team through Sustainability, Resilience and a Spirit of Play to bring out the best in people and situations – these were the things that anchored me all these years whenever I felt like giving up.

Now as the cold settles and the air gets thin, I pen this blog as a great reminder to never take anyone nor anything for granted again. It’s such a gift to have the opportunity to be in the midst of someone, a boss especially, who sets us up for success and who in the process, opens their hearts and offers their friendship. They never had to. And often their generosity of spirit may never get reciprocity from reticent colleagues and who knows, there are strange people who will never believe real friendship can exist between corporate walls (woe to these sad souls!).

I was a blessed recipient of great friendship and professional mentorship. I can’t even say I deserved much of it.

What remains now is the wish that someday, I may be a little like him. Remembered as the one who made it fun, who was never for a second evil, who brought cookies of all flavours and who served beer and gave CDs of baby-music and gave advice about life and who seriously, gave a damn.

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