Turtle Love

This is Lucien’s bedside friend. Mister Turtle lights up the room with stars of the constellation with the star-shaped carvings on his trusty shell. Conscientious parents could read the accompanying literature that explained the orion belt, etc etc. Clearly for us, we merely enjoyed the stars of orange, green and blue that danced against the walls. Lucien never had a problem with darkness. This was an impulse purchase I got off gap.com as it seemed like the right kind of thing to find in a nursery.

Each night, we played with the lights and told Lucien that Mister Turtle would come on and shine forth whenever it was time for bed.

This week, Lu calls out to his bedside friend with a resounding “The Toe” that resonated across the house. To endless kisses and hugs. As if he suddenly realized an appreciation of The Toe’s contibutions.

If The Toe could hear, he’d be so proud.

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