Wiping Tables…

Day 1 in Sunday School

Boys will be Boys

Dancing Baby

Apparently, Remy secretly aspires to be in a girl-band and practises Korean Pop when playing with Lucien, who makes a pretty enthusiastic audience. Oh well. Whatever makes you shake your butt Lucien!

Step it Up Baby

Table-Piano and Other Dramatics

HBOTB (Happiest Baby on the Block)

Shaking Head Dance


Loin-cloth Baby in the Bath

Yawning Beauty


Lucien attempts a suave rendition of the classic medieval character, Alibaba; but ends up looking more like Little Red Riding Hood, I am embarrassed to say.

Luc Skywalker
We’ve been waiting for Lucien to roll over and he hasn’t. What he has done though, is shown considerable interest in and an innate co-ordination for sky-walking…

Sky-walking: the act requires one to lift thighs dramatically high as if taking big bold steps, only to land them gingerly on the ground, creating a theatrical effect that looks like one’s treading on air.

You tread not on air but on my dreams. So tread carefully, you must.