Lucien’s Gallery

The Beautiful Son’s name is Lucien. His pediatrician calls him Loo-see-en; we call him Lu-tion(like the ending to Solution); and Shin says its LooSee-On in French.

So I did a cheap check and the myriad sources on the internet are as divided on how to read this name. What was clear though was that it meant “Light” and right from the first instance I considered this option, I loved what the name stood for.

Light, signifying the illuminated, for clarity that comes from a heart that is pure and righteous. For a wisdom that seeks truth.

So for these grandiose possibilities, I chose Lucien for our beautiful son.

And we call him [Lu-shen], like the end of Solution.

Lucien was born prematurely at 36 weeks. Weighing in at a meagre 2060g, he was tiny and certainly very “light”. The huggies diapers provided by the hospital would hang loosely on him and all the clothes I had brought from home for him, he swam in them.

As our doctor said, Lucien probably wanted to get out earlier as he wasn’t able to grow as steadily in the womb. Etched in my memory I remember a blurry moment when Dr. Kek swung the placenta in front of me, a piece of odd membrane that has been Lucien’s life support system, saying, “See? It’s half of normal size. No wonder your baby didn’t want to stay inside”.

I laughed.

In spite of the intensity that has exhausted me completely, I laughed. Because it meant Nature had a way of helping us along, and that God’s grace extended beyond our understanding.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit and for all the gifts and hugs. For continuing to visit us when we came home, for sending us food and diapers right to the house, for bringing cream crackers and Milo for late night munchies a hungry mother goes through, for sharing nursing tips and for baby sitting, for just being there to get us pressing on when the going gets tough. For offering us more than we can ask.

Thank you. I love you all.

The pictures here are the only ones we have of Lucien at Day 1 and during his early weeks. We didn’t have a fancy camera and even if we did, we could never lug it anywhere with our hands busy all the time. So hail the blackberry and Ken’s trusty iphone.

At almost 3 months now, Lucien rocks the scales at close to 6kg. A babbling, gurgling bundle of pure pure joy.